MatchMentor is a speeddating style event that allows early-stage professionals to speak directly to established industry professionals on a one-on-one basis.
This new platform brings together industry professionals and young people in the early stages (0-3 years) of their career. It gives the mentor an opportunity to meet promising, talented professionals, share their insight and possibly develop a longer term relationship that would enrich the careers of both the mentor and mentee. It gives the mentee the opportunity to meet a range of industry professionals in an intimate space on a one-on-one basis.


These are industry veterans interested in developing mentorships with early-stage professionals. They see this as an opportunity to use their skills and expertise to enrich the careers of mentees.


These are young people navigating the landscape of the early-stages of their career. They are interested in meeting industry peers and building networks that will enhance their journey. MatchMentor meets both these needs, allowing mentees to network with people that are at different stages in the industry.