ATTENTION: Final Chance to Apply for Positions

Family and Friends of The Arena,
The last week of recruitment is upon us!

Kindly click on the linked titles to read more on the roles available and apply for the one most suitable for you by 30th November 2015. Details on how to apply can be found on each role specific post.

Events and Logistics Coordinator

  • Organizes the key elements of the actual event
    e.g. venue, food and drink, programme of the event, seating arrangements, entertainment, voting mechanism, overall set-up
  • Practical and on the ground skills
  • Excellent at execution
  • Proactive
  • Organised
  • Independent thinker

Outreach Coordinator

  • Responsible for organizing and managing local outreach
  • Facilitate a brainstorm of local organisations, businesses, churches, events, etc. board members can reach out to
  • Organize collection of feedback after the event e.g. collect emails at the event to notify attendees of future dinners, feedback questionnaires, focus groups
  • Strong networker
  • Good at building relations
  • People skills

Enterprise Development Coordinator

  • Manage proposal submissions
  • Leads selection of final ideas
  • Creates criteria for selection of ideas
  • Notifies winners they will be presenting at the dinner and what to expect
  • Notifies proposal submitters not selected to present and offer a few points of feedback, encourage them to attend the event and resubmit their proposal if they would like
  • Eye for talent
  • Passionate about entrepreneurship
  • Organized

Marketing and External Communications Coordinator

  • Responsible for all promotion and publicity related to the event
  • Manages all social media and email communication
  • Creates promotion material
  • Web development (Not compulsory)
  • Creative flair
  • Good understanding of social media
  • Passion for marketing

Finance and Budget Coordinator

  • Responsible for financial arm of the organization
  • Keeps track of money raised and money spent at each event
  • Records how much money is handed off to the winner at each dinner to document progress
  • Explores new revenue streams for the organization

Administrative Coordinator

  • Responsible for internal communication of the A-team
  • Organizes logistics for meetings e.g. venue, team availability
  • Takes notes at each board meeting and works closely with the board leader to clearly highlight decisions and commitments made at each meeting
  • Compiles minutes of meeting and disseminates information.
  • Create plans and agendas for meetings
  • Organization skills
  • Effective communicator
    Researches sponsorship opportunities

Join the Awesome A Team!

We look forward to hearing from you!